Celebrity tips on how to lose belly fats this summer

It’s summer time again and it’s time to hit the beach. But before hittin the beach, y’all know what to do first—- HIT THE GYM

Yes. We must be worthy for that summer relaxation and partying we are all looking forward to (well at least for vain people like me haha). Why do we need to have fit bodies this summer? People who share this goal with me may have one of following reasons:

  1. To look good in their trunks/bikinis
  2. To show off their bodies in photos/selfies
  3. To hit on random strangers and maybe get a hook up
  4. To gyrate on club parties with their shirts off or wearing only their bikini tops
  5. To show off rock hard abs

Now item number five is the most difficult to achieve, especially for me. But before showing off the abs, one must first burn off all the excess fats in the belly area. But sit ups won’t do the trick. Gym buffs will tell you that the key to havin a flat belly is DIET.

For someone clueless like me, all I know is to cut the rice and eat wheat bread. Tried it but still not convinced that I am on the right track and so I asked some friends who are already there… who are already showing off nice abs and completely belly free.

But I didn’t ask just any of my friends…, I asked those whom I think have the same body type as I have (matangkad or payatin na body type). Thus, i asked help from these guys. Lets hear it from them.


Behind the scenes photo shoot of Vince Ferraren for Cosmopolitan Magazine Centerfold Men 2013-17

  • Workout 4-5 times a day
  • Eggs, tuna, dry adobong manok without the skin
  • Brown rice in small amounts

ANJO RESURRECCION of boyband 1:43


  • Right proportions of food
  • Low carbs
  • Low sodium



  • Kamote, tuna, saba, salad
  • Fish cooked in olive oil
  • No pasta



  • No rice, bread, and anything fried
  • At least 15 min cardio per day; 3x to 4x a week
  • No alcohol



  • Low carb diet
  • Ab workout
  • Eat rice before workout and more meat/protein after workout
  • No carbs at night



  • No carbs after 6PM
  • Fresh fruit juices
  • Salad
  • Regular workout



  • No rice
  • No pork
  • Regular workout


enchong dee

  • Stop eating when you are 80% full
  • Hydrate

So based on their answers, I guess no carbs/rice and regular workout win.

Still sounds too generic but going through my own diet, I learned that another important element is discipline.

Let’s see if all these pieces of advice will work out for me. Still got a month to go! Push!



Scene stealers and show stoppers in this year’s Bb. Pilipinas Coronation Night

The most beautiful day in the country just happened last night and together with my boys Eco, Javin, and Martin, I watched it live at the Araneta Coliseum (thanks to Martin who bought the tickets just so we can support the candidate he’s currently wooing). This is us after the event: Boysnightout But before this photo, all these happened first:   MJ Lastimosa FINALLY won the crown. If thought bubbles can only be counted on Twitter I am sure the words FINALLY and SA WAKAS already trended. 

20140331_bbpilipinas_lastimosa-FSJPhoto from abs-cbnNEWS.com

MJ wasnt keeping her hopes up actually. Look at that face when it dawned to her that there is only one slot left and Pia Wurtzbach is still standing beside her.


For a while, we thought she almost cried


Then, her name was called…


and hid that victory laugh behind her hands


The crowd was happy.


The former queens/MJ’s batchmates were happy


Even Ariella was happy because if MJ won last year, she wouldnt be there passing on the crown to her.


But it was MJ’s much awaited crowning moment so MJ was the happiest of course.


But as we feel relieved for MJ, we all wondered why binibini #8, Pia Wurtzbach, didn’t bag a crown especially after she gave a seductive and scene-stealing projection during the long gown competition.


We also wondered why Anne Curtis didn’t win a crown after looking oh-so-stunning last night. anne

Photo from Anne Curtis’ Instagram account

Or why she didnt win best in talent after she sang ‘Alone’ during commercial break while waiting for the final results and announcements of winners.

But above all, we all wondered: WHO IS EMIN?  emin  Well there are things we just cant figure out, I guess. Like what is the meaning of SUPRANATIONAL? 10153859_602279023193468_2110785912_n Or why did Sen. Angara took photos during judges’ deliberations

angaraPhoto from Sen. Angara’s Instagram account

There’s no other choice but to let it go. Right Elsa?


Come on, sing it with me binibinis…

Let it go…


Let it go…


Cant hold it back anymore…


I dont care, what they’re going to say…


Let the storm rage on…


The cold never bothered me anyway..


 Congrats ABS-CBN Special Projects team for mounting another successful show and congrats to all the winners! Also, congrats to Anne and Xian for being excellent hosts!